Building. Contemporary design and modernisation. Maintenance inspections

We produce specialised tanker wagons, being fully expert in their manufacture, modernisation and adaptation to specific needs. We also offer repairs and refurbishment of parts.


This is what we offer our Clients:

  • Manufacture and refurbishment of parts and components,
  • Revision repairs and major overhauls to undercarriages and bodies of freight cars (especially rail tankers),
  • Reconstruction and modernisation of railcars,
  • Emergency and routine repairs,
  • Periodic overhauls.

Our technological facilities consist among others of automatic and manual blasting stations, and the computer-assisted Oerlikon-Knorr brakes testing station.

We also have a modern testing laboratory, were we carry out thorough tests on wheelsets and perform internal stress measurements and measurements of elements accessible from one side.

These are some of the methods applied by our certified personnel: 

  • VT – visual testing,
  • PT – penetrant testing,,
  • MT – magnetic-particle testing,
  • UT – ultrasonic testing 





We build tank car wagons for the GATX Rail Europe Group.

Revisions / Repairs


The Wagon Service Ostróda services the “Z” series rail cars and “U” series for the transportation of dry-bulk products.



We perform comprehensive modernisation and adaptation of undercarriages and tanks.

Regeneration / Sale

NDT Laboratory

We regenerate and sale wagon parts.