We think of the present. We think of the future.

Aware of the need to take care of the natural environment, we have introduced the Environmental Management System based on the PN-EN ISO 14001 standard. We are aware of the fact that it is what we do today that will affect the health of future generations, which is why we care for nature.

With the exceptional beauty of our region in mind, we respect all the local environmental regulations.

Our plant:
  • Segregates waste,
  • Has its own sewage treatment plant,
  • Carries out regular monitoring of ground waters,
  • Has modern de-dusting equipment; modernizes the technological processes which might have an adverse impact on the environment,
  • Conducts periodic monitoring of sewage in cooperation with certified laboratories,
  • Continually optimizes its technologies to reduce the use of natural feedstock and electricity.
We ensure the ecological awareness of our employees through a system of training.

All our employees are actively involved in the Environmental Management System.