Zero accidents at work. Zero occupational diseases.

This is an idea which we are putting into practice by using the Occupational Health & Safety Management System, defined by the PN N 18001 standard.

All our actions and decisions are closely related to risk assessment and systematic risk control. We are aware that progress cannot be achieved without ensuring the safety and health of workers, which is why every WSO employee and any other person working on our premises is required to work safely, without endangering their health. This is the main condition for the responsible development of WSO which is based on respect and the protection of our employees’ health and lives. The health and safety of our employees and all others working in our factory is a personal goal for each of us.  

All our employees are actively involved in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • We have introduced the latest alarm and firefighting systems,
  • We have our own rescue and evacuation team,
  • Our employees are engaged in the Risk of Accident Reporting System.
Our preventive measures can be defined as:
  • exemplarity – all our actions being subordinate to the requirements of safety regulations, as absolute compliance is demanded at all times,
  • vigilance – uncompromising, continuous monitoring in order to detect and eliminate dangers,
  • reactivity – immediately responding to any dangerous situation.